Session Session Number Number Titel Name
Session 1: Educational Session
Feb., 26th, 09:00-12:00
1 INV1 Converting an infectious retrovirus into a vehicle for modern therapeutics Schambach, Axel
1 INV2 Adenovirus vectors Kreppel, Florian
1 INV3 The AAV vector system Büning, Hildegard
INV4 Oncolytic Viruses: Tailored for Targeted and Personalized Cancer Therapy Nettelbeck, Dirk
1 INV5 TCR gene therapy of cancer Uckert, Wolfgang
Session 2: Gene vector development and targeting
Feb., 26th, 13:30-15:15 and 15:45-16:30
2 INV6 Minimal position-specific adenovirus vector shielding -- how to limit systemic vector clearance and preserve vector infectivity Kreppel, Florian
2 INV7 Receptor-targeted viral vectors for in vivo gene delivery Buchholz, Christian
2 OR1 Exclusive transduction of human CD4+ T cells upon systemic delivery of CD4-targeted lentiviral vectors Zhou, Qi
2 OR2 Targeted in vivo gene transfer into murine T cell subsets Edes, Inan
2 OR3 Receptor-targeted lentiviral vectors based on engineered Nipah virus glycoproteins Bender, Ruben
2 OR4 Oligo(alkyl amine) structures for mRNA-based therapeutics Jarzebinska, Anita
2 OR5 The pCON-CENP-A vector system: long-term autonomous stability by active plasmid segregation Hermann, Stefanie
2 OR6 Lentiviral vectors for platelet-directed expression by transcriptional targeting Latorre Rey, Lisette Johana
Session 3: Molecular imaging
Feb., 26th, 16:30-17:15
3 INV8 Optoacoustic Tomography: Light and sound for cancer imaging. Bézière , Nicolas
3 OR7 A novel reporter system for monitoring of skeletal muscle differentiation Öztürk-Kaloglu, Deniz
Session 4: Plenary Lecture
Feb., 26th, 17:30-18:15
4 INV9 Development and optimization of oncolytic virus therapeutics Bell, John
Session 5: Oncolytic viruses
Feb., 27th, 09:00-10:15
5 INV10 Immunology restrictions of oncolytic virus therapy von Laer, Dorothee
5 OR8 Immune checkpoint modulation enhances oncolytic Measles virus therapy Engeland, Christine E.
5 OR9 Dual-Targeting of oncolytic Measles Viruses to EGFR-positive tumors using DARPins and MMP-activation Muehlebach, Michael
5 OR10 Enhanced Vector Control Using MicroRNA Target Sites Leber, Mathias

Session 6: Cancer immune(gene) therapy and cancer vaccines
Feb., 27th, 10:45-12:30

6 INV11 T cell receptor gene therapy Blankenstein, Thomas
6 INV12 Minimalistic vectors for nonviral cancer gene therapy: Phase I gene therapy trial for jet-injection gene transfer of the TNF-alpha expressing small-sized MIDGE vector in patients with in-transit metastases from melanoma Walther, Wolfgang
6 OR11 The Viral Vector Vaccine VSV-GP Boosts the Immune Response upon Repeated Applications Tober, Reinhard
6 OR12 Modifying TCR Specificity by TALEN and CRISPR Knipping, Friederike
6 OR13 Targeted genome modifications for improved Adoptive Immunotherapy Duchateau, Philippe
Session 7: On the road towards clinical application
Feb., 27th, 15:00-16:30
7 INV13 Talimogene Laherparepvec - Intralesional Oncolytic Immunotherapy for the treatment of local and distantly metastatic melanoma Putz, Thomas
7 OR14 Measuring viral titers by single particle analysis of virions Heider, Susanne
7 OR15 Biodistribution of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs): Workflow of a typical study at a professional pre-clinical service provider Schreieck, Amelie
7 OR16 Relationship of rescue area size and visual information gain in gene therapy Seeliger, Mathias
7 OR17 Development of a Gene Therapy Approach for Mucolipidosis Type II Cornils, Kerstin
Session 8: Update on clinical trials
Feb., 27th, 17:00-18:15
8 INV14 Use of oncolytic parvoviruses in the treatment of malignant gliomas Rommelaere, J.
8 INV15 Gene Therapy of Cystic Fibrosis Alton, Eric
8 OR18 Clinical Trial TREAT-ME 1: Treatment of Advanced Gastrointestinal Cancer in a Phase I/II trial with modified autologous MSC_apceth_101 Franck, Thomas
Session 9: Gene Therapy for chronic diseases
Feb., 28th, 09:00-11:00
9 INV16 Gene Therapy Approaches for the Treatment of Diabetes Bosch, Fatima
9 INV17 Ischemic cardiomyopathy: gene-therapeutic options Kupatt, Christian
9 OR19 Functional correction of X-SCID by targeted gene editing in pluripotent stem cells Alzubi, Jamal
9 OR20 A 3'UTR mutation in factor IX elicits U1snRNP-mediated poly(A) site suppression leading to hemophilia B Krooss, Simon
9 OR21 A novel TAL effector nuclease (TALEN) facilitates efficient knockout of HIV co-receptor CCR5 in primary T cells after mRNA transfection Fehse, Boris
9 OR22 AAV9-mediated gene transfer of wild type desmin ameliorates development of cardiomyopathy in desmin-deficient mice Müller, Oliver
Session 10: Latest developments in cell- and gene therapy
Feb., 28th, 11:30-13:00
10 INV18 Alpharetroviral vectors: A perspective for clinical application Schambach, Axel
10 INV19 Safety of gene therapy with integrating vectors and preclinical models Modlich, Ute
10 OR23 Culture-derived platelets differentiated from embryonic stem cells serve as potential tool for patient-specific cell therapy Cullmann, Katharina
10 OR24 GENISP: Fully automated and efficient genome insertion site analysis tool Afzal, Saira
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