Postertalks will be selected on Thurday between 18:15-21:00 during the postersession. On Friday morning it will be announced who is going to present when. Postertalks will be held on Frieday between 13:40-15:00.

Gene vector development and targeting

P1 Capsid-engineering overcomes barriers toward endothelial cell transduction Zhang, L.A.
P2 Improving AAV gene therapy safety analysis: Multiplex LAM-PCR provide new insights into AAV vector integration Gil Farina, Irene
P3 Enhanced rAAV in vivo transduction efficacy in endothelium via surface modified PAMAM coating Lee, Seungmin
P4 AAV wild-type and rAAV vector-mediated genomic integration profiles in human diploid fibroblasts analyzed by 3rd generation PacBio DNA sequencing Heilbronn, Regine
P5 Production of safe and efficient AAV vectors using minicircle DNA Schleef, Martin
P6 Novel subventricular zone early progenitor cell specific adenovirus for in situ brain stem cell bioengineering unveils cellular heterogeneity Pützer, Brigitte
P7 Reduced macrophage activation by HUVEC upon magnetic microbubble-mediated transduction with vIL10- encoding AdV Anton, Martina
P8 Receptor-targeted lentiviral vectors are exceptionally sensitive towards the biophysical properties of the displayed single-chain Fv Schneider, Irene
P9 Fluorescent Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) characterization of Lentiviral Vectors by size and composition Uhlig, Joerg
P10 Selective gene delivery into human iPS cells based on CD30-targeted lentiviral vectors Friedel, Thorsten
P11 Proof-of-concept studies for post-exit immune-modulatory modifications of lentiviral vector particles. Metzner, Christoph
P12 Integration-neutral betaretrovirus-based vector with split-genome design for transduction of dividing and non-dividing cells Indik, Stanislav
P13 Multiplex Real-Time PCR assay for the detection and differentiation of poxviruses Stellberger, Thorsten
P14 siRNA for polypharmacology in cancer cell lines Baumann, Volker
P15 A new hybrid vector system for enhanced osteogenic gene therapy Hacobian, Ara
P16 Synthetic Nucleases for Drug Resistance Mutational Screens Rath, Tim
P17 Genetic and functional correction of the human deltaF508 CFTR locus using designer nuclease technology Bednarski, Christien
P18 A minimal ubiquitous chromatin opening element (UCOE) effectively prevents silencing of juxtaposed heterologous promoters by epigenetic remodeling in multipotent and pluripotent stem cells Müller-Kuller, Uta
P19 The interaction of autonomous replicons with the host genome Hagedorn, Claudia
P20 Development of universal PCR-based strategies for the identification of transgenes encoded by commonly used viral vectors Baiker, Armin
P21 Primary porcine endothelial cells as a convenient in vitro toxicity 96-well based assay for polycations Gehrig, Sebastian

Molecular imaging

P22 Twodimensional vs. threedimensional analysis of transient reportergene expression in vivo with optical imaging Gehrig, Sebastian
P23 Near-infrared emitting fluorescent proteins as useful reporter genes for transient transfection studies Taschauer, Alexander

Oncolytic viruses

P24 Development of oncolytic measles virus with immunomodulatory transgenes Veinalde, Ruta
P25 LCMV-GP Chimeric Oncolytic Vesicular Stomatitis Virus for the Treatment of solid tumors Urbiola, Carles
P26 Engineering BiTE-armed oncolytic measles viruses for cancer immunovirotherapy. Speck, Tobias
P27 Tumor-vaccines based on oncolytic measles virus Muehlebach, Michael
P28 Chimeric VSV for safe intracranial application Wollmann, Guido

Cancer immune(gene) therapy and cancer vaccines

P29 Redirection of T cells against cells
expressing HBsAg
Festag, Marvin

On the road towards clinical application

P30 Biodistribution of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs): Workflow of a typical study at a professional pre-clinical service provider Schreieck, Amelie

Gene Therapy for chronic diseases

P31 The Silencing by Chitosan/PDGF-B Nanoplexes of  Mesangial Cell Proliferation in Renal Disease Salva, Emine
P32 Correction of COL7A1 mutations in a human RDEB patient cell line by 3' trans-splicing Tockner, Birgit
P33 Design and in vitro testing of Sleeping Beauty Transposon vectors for Gene Therapy of Cystic Fibrosis Walisko, Oliver

Latest developments in cell- and gene therapy

P34 Modified messenger RNA and its application in bone tissue engineering Ferizi, Mehrije
P35 Auxotrophy complementation for antibiotic-free plasmid stabilization Velur Selvamani, Ram Shankar
P36 Highly Specific Nucleases to target the RPGR Gene for Gene Therapy Yanik, Mert
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